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When There’s A Will, There’s A Way: A Practical Guide

Joshua HoPartner at Raj, Ong & Yudistra Will writing is an essential process that ensures the distribution of an individual’s assets according to their wishes after their death. It is crucial to write a will in Malaysia, as it helps to avoid conflicts and confusion amongst beneficiaries. A will is

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AI vs Copyright: Who Owns the Rights To ChatGPT Content

Yu Jian OngCivil litigator, corporate & commercial lawyer and business legal adviser Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve surely heard of ChatGPT. You’ve probably used ChatGPT for work, school, research or content creation. I’m pretty certain that 86.7% (I used my own AI called GuesstimationGPT to derive this

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Company Law 101: Minority Protection

Nurul Hanani A.Legal Associate In Malaysia, minority shareholders have legal remedies available to them when their rights as shareholders are infringed upon by the majority shareholders or the directors of a company.  Two common legal remedies available are the Minority Oppression Suit and the Derivative Action. While both legal remedies can be used to

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Corporate Restructuring 101: Scheme of Arrangement

Nurul Hanani A.Legal Associate The first time I came across the term “Scheme of Arrangement”, I was completely clueless. This is not something they taught in law school (or if they did, I probably didn’t pay attention…). So, here is me sharing what I’ve learned in the process of familiarizing

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Demystifying “dupes”.

Nurul Hanani A.Legal Associate Some of you may have been eyeing a particular item, from a particular brand. Unfortunately, such an item is beyond your tax bracket. So, what choice do you have other than to resort to a cheaper alternative? (Fret not, I believe a lot of us are

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Can you copyright a hijab design?

Nurul Hanani A.Legal Associate Yesterday, I was scrolling on TikTok (senior lawyers, and my bosses particularly, please don’t judge me) and saw this post by a brand owner claiming that she obtained the copyright over a particular design for hijabs. Apparently, it bears an L-shape design which makes the styling

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